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Group Coaching:
Beta Test

Transforming & enhancing your entrepreneurial relationship starts with understanding the 3C’s (Chill, Communicate, and Community) and how they can help get rid of A.S.S. (Alone, Scared, and Stressed) from your lives.

Bring back balance, connection, and fulfillment into your partnership with tools and techniques specific to the challenges entrepreneurs and their partners face. These are the exact, first steps we took to help navigate the chaos of business and begin to flourish as a couple. 

In this exclusive Beta Test, you’ll receive:

  • Online Course outlining our foundational Whole Life methodology, packed with resources and homework to help you and your partner with your relationship growth 
  • Family Business Meeting Guide to communicate weekly about each other’s needs, necessary arrangements, and updates with finances 
  • 4 Live Coaching Sessions with your partner where you review your homework assignments and can ask Adam & Kerry questions 
  • Family Alignment Worksheet to develop your family mission statement, clarify family values, and create attainable goals with a plan to achieve them together
  • BONUS Free access to our online private community where you’ll find empathetic peers for support

Private Coaching

Ready to take a full dive into our in-depth process of Whole Life Entrepreneurship? 

We know as well as any other entrepreneurial couple the full spectrum of stress having a business can put on your relationship. 

Through our individualized coaching support, we’re able to guide you through transforming your client’s struggles with empathy, accountability, community, and personalized structure. 

Change doesn’t occur overnight — and implementing a new way of how you relate requires dedicated effort. With us by your side, you can eliminate stagnation in your personal growth and be held accountable to continue transforming when things get tough. 

There truly is another way to lead your personal lives and business into success without symptoms of A.S.S. (Alone, Scared, and Stressed). Let us show you what’s possible.

The Whole Life Method for Coaches

Over the course of six weeks, we will guide you on how to help your clients through the same process that single-handedly saved our marriage. 

By implementing the Whole Life Entrepreneurship methodology, you’ll coach clients on how to improve upon the 3C’s, while also taking steps to release your feelings of A.S.S. (Alone, Stressed, and Scared).  

By the end of the Whole Life Method Course, you will help your clients increase their ability to reconnect and Chill, surround themselves with supportive Community, and progress in their ability to effectively Communicate with their families.

WLE Membership

Join our community for even more benefits.

We are cultivating a free Facebook community where both entrepreneurs and their partners can access insights from the Anderson family and connect with other peers to share wins, seek support during hard times and take advantage of special resources.

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