Tools for healthier entrepreneurial relationships.

Learn & Teach the Whole life Method


Coaches, this is for you:

You’re currently meeting the needs of your entrepreneurial customers and clients, and you’ve given them the bandwidth to focus on things besides the health of their businesses. 

Show your clients how to bring back balance, connection, and fulfillment into their partnerships with tools and techniques specific to the challenges entrepreneurs and their partners face.  

One of the greatest insights we’ve unlocked is that not only do partners and spouses want to know about the business, entrepreneurs feel happier when they are supported by their spouse. 

By implementing the Whole Life Entrepreneurship methodology, your clients will improve upon their Communication, build out their Community and learn how to Chill.

They accomplish this by taking steps to release feelings of A.S.S. (Alone, Stressed, and Scared).


Are your clients experiencing the following? 

  • Isolation and lack of understanding on what it feels like to be an entrepreneur
  • Stress about making ends meet in the high pressure of running a business
  • Fear that their relationship cannot withstand the weight of being an executive 

The Whole Life Method provides tools that business & executive coaches can utilize to support clients through the pains of entrepreneurship.


How does the WLE Method work? 

When you sign on, you’ll be given access to an exclusive online course detailing the Whole Life Entrepreneurship methodology for reigning in the natural chaos that’s a part of entrepreneurial relationships.

We provide you with all of the materials you need to share our methodology with your clients. You’ll also be listed on our Preferred Providers List, where we and other partners can recommend you within our entrepreneurial network. 

We’ll also walk you through communicating and building messaging for the products, based on your unique brand. 

We offer an option to conduct a module within your group coaching / online course to teach our approach and provide a step-by-step guide on how to integrate our techniques within your personal practice.

Why coaches love the WLE methodology:


  • Extended engagements to help clients grow
  • Unlock family retreats and support clients holistically
  • Increased value add for business and life coaching clients


Peer Support


Increased Profitability

Better Relationships