It’s possible to have a successful relationship and business.

Are you a business coach who wants to better support your clients?

Create the relationship you both desire through entrepreneurship.

Are you feeling alone and isolated…

With no one around you who understands your frustrations as an entrepreneur?

Feeling like your partner is unavailable, whether physically from travel, or emotionally due to distraction or lack of communication?

Are you overworked and stressed out…

Because your business is requiring so much of your time and energy?

Because you feel like you have no control over your family’s future?

Are you secretly afraid because…

Your business is taking so long to succeed and grow? What if you fail?

You’re not sure if your relationship can withstand all the pressure?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur struggling to take your business to the next level, or their partner who feels unfulfilled in your relationship and in the dark about the business that your life revolves around, you can regain the connection, communication,
and joy you once had through Whole Life Entrepreneurship.

Hey there!

We’re Adam
& Kerry and we’re partners in every sense of the word.

We are also full-time parents, lovers, and dedicated students of what it takes to have a successful entrepreneurial partnership. We’re here to tell you that:

We’ve been married for thirteen years and have two kids. Over that time, Adam has launched and run 19 companies, while Kerry has managed the complex needs of our shared household.

We’ve had a few bumps in the road ourselves. Our business almost wrecked our relationship. At one point we were hanging on by a string, feeling like we didn’t have anyone to turn to for support.

It wasn’t until we learned about the three core challenges of entrepreneurial relationships — A.S.S. (Alone, Scared, and Stressed) — and the 3 C’s (Chill, Communicate, and Community) that we discovered there was another way.

We discovered that, even though businesses can be one-sided, relationships cannot. It takes two people to make a relationship work. When we both started to put in the effort, we saw major results.

Which is why today we help entrepreneurial couples just like us as they bring their business and relationship into harmony.

We’re here to tell you: You don’t have to continue to doubt the course of your relationship because of how little your partner is at home…

…And you don’t have to constantly feel guilty for working hard to support your dream life doing what you love.

You’re not doomed to be alone because you’re a passionate entrepreneur (not just full-time… all the time).

…And you’re not destined to remain in a lonely partnership without the support you need.

You’re not fated to a life in which you have no control, yet you assume all the risk and are forced to live out all the consequences of someone else’s choices, for better or for worse.

There is a way to have a strong business and a strong relationship, all at the same time.

If you want your partnership to…

Amplify Success

Without having to work harder and longer hours at the risk of losing your partner…

…And without feeling like you’re unsupported and lonely in your relationship

…While understanding how best to give your partner the support they need within this unique lifestyle

Eliminate Stress

While feeling supported in your home life —you’d rather be able to relax with your partner than pretend to be ‘networking’ at the bar…

…Without feeling like you have to choose between doing what you love and having a happy relationship

…And while receiving support from your spouse with everything it takes to keep your family running — without nagging or pleading

Be Fulfilling

Without feeling like you have to choose between doing what you love and having a happy marriage 

…And without feeling guilty from expecting more of your partner

…And wanting some input on your family’s future

“WLE has helped transform my life, my business, and my relationship.”

-Jesse Walters
Atlanta, GA

Holistic entrepreneur relationships are possible. Join others who have replaced heartbreak and loneliness with success for both partners in all areas of their lives.

Adam Anderson

“It wasn’t until Kerry began throwing out the “D” word that I started to truly worry about our marriage. I had been divorced before, and certainly loved my wife and kids. But at the same time, I felt torn between the life we had been building together and my passion (addiction) to entrepreneurship.

I stayed out late at the bar night after night, under the ruse of “networking.” I put “just one more sales call” above coming home to spend time with my family. I did this out of fear. Fear that if I took my foot off the gas for just one second, it would all come tumbling down around me.  I needed support. Yet, the countless fights, blame, and resentment we experienced meant I didn’t feel like I could come home to find the support and empathy I yearned for.  

When the company took a downturn, coming to Kerry about it was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do.  I felt like such a failure. I hadn’t meant to lie or withhold information from her . I thought I was protecting her.  I thought I was building the life she wanted. But, even with all the fights, I hadn’t really been listening. Kerry deserved to be heard, and I hadn’t even realized I wasn’t giving her a voice.”

Kerry Anderson

“I was almost at my breaking point with our marriage until Adam lost a two million dollar contract. It wasn’t the deal falling through that I was most concerned about, it was the fact that he didn’t even tell me about it. I had already been through years of having a part-time husband and being a full-time single parent.

Not only was I tired of going to bed alone every night and practically begging for him to help me with the kids more often (that is, if he was even around), but for him to not let me in on what was going on with his (our) life and business made me feel lied to, betrayed, lonely, and ready to start a life without him.

It’s not just about being unfulfilled within the relationship.  I felt a huge loss of self because I had no control over the business that affected so much of my own life.  I had no say in how we spent our money and time. Adam couldn’t do his job without me doing mine, and unlike him I had no input on the trajectory of our lives.  I was just as much an integral part of his business team as any of his employees, but I had none of the power.  

While I’d willingly allowed this to happen, I’d also stayed blissfully ignorant for many years. The hard truth that our company wasn’t financially invincible shook me with fear for the future of my family.  I could no longer sit aside and let these things happen; I had to put up a fight.  

Realizing how alone Adam felt gave me an understanding that he’d been fighting in his own way for so long that he’d forgotten how to ask for support.  We had to fight this together as a team — true partners in every sense of the word.

It was through this and a series of breaking points that we both decided we did want to heal our relationship. We knew there had to be a way out of this. It was clear we wouldn’t be successful in our relationship OR our business if something didn’t change.

Entrepreneur relationships have a different set of challenges than other types of relationships. 

As an entrepreneur, or a partner to one, we’re sure you understand this! Entrepreneurial partners see the world through a different set of eyes than the average 9-5’er. Because of this, our relationships need tailored solutions other than what is typically suggested by relationship experts.

    If you’re tired of feeling like…

    • No matter how hard you work at creating financial success, your partner only notices that you aren’t at home or spending ‘enough’ time with the kids
    • Your partner doesn’t fully understand all the hard work put into building your business, and the toll it is taking on your relationship and life
    • Giving up the security of your career path and dreams to support your family and partner’s success was a mistake
    • Your stress levels are at an all-time high, and you’re at a breaking point. All you want is to feel supported by your partner and find a sense of relief
    • You have no one to talk to, and are all alone in this struggle — your partner doesn’t understand what you’re dealing with, and all of your friends are traditional 9-5’ers
    • Your partner’s business is like their secret lover. You know they are working hard to provide for your family, but you’re exhausted trying to compete for their attention
    • This relationship isn’t what you signed up for, but you’re not sure what to do. You either try (and fail) to express your concerns to your partner, or pretend like everything’s okay to avoid an argument

    Whole Life Entrepreneurship can help you transform your relationship through entrepreneurship.

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